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Overlord FOE review by Argoniandrake27 Overlord FOE review by Argoniandrake27
Gnarl: in my little book of evil trying to find new candidates me and the minions decided to do something new. The new thing is that instead of a human overlord what about a feared fire breathing dragon from other worlds. My choice of contenders

1.Smaug the dragon from a world called middle earth, known for slaughtering almost all the the Dwarves and took their kingdom with all the riches..... until the hot head got shot by an arrow

2.Malecifent once and evil sorceress who casted a curse on a princess...... only to slaying by a goodie two shoes prince but due to the nature of my spell we couldn't be a able to get her human form she better get used to staying a dragon

3.Red death a giant feared dragoness who controlled a swarm of little dragons that she will eat them for not giving her enough food until a night fury a dragon with a Viking on his back kill her in the inside

4.Malefor the evil purple dragon who nearly destroyed his own world until dragon spirits brought him down

The plan is set and evil is about to get a little Dragie cause evil always find a way mwah hahahahaha

Review hey guys here is my review for the game overlord fellowship of evil. At first when I saw the trailers I got worried and angry at the same time because it looked like one of those twin stick rip offs and it got bad reviews. But when I played the game my opinions...... changed.

After playing the game I was actually having fun with the game because it maintained some elements that made overlord game great! The game actually has an interesting yet hilarious story, the gameplay even though repitive yet fun, and a cliff hanger ending that I actually got interested in. Of course the flaws of the game I encountered would be the pointless weapon system that never really get new stock, doesn't make your attacks stronger, and what they could have added is the opportunity to change different armors for the different characters.

Back to where the game was the strongest at is the story.
Spoiler warning

Technically the previous overlord is dead and a strange magic force called the golden is infecting the netherworld turning minions into creepy happy joy weirdos and you are one of the choosen canidates called the netherghouls under dead evil warriors with interesting backstories who are competing against each other to become the next overlord.

The verdict

1. Gameplay
2. Story
3. Jokes
4. Characters
5. Interesting enemies
6. Final boss
7. Some elements of franchise kept
8. Upgrade system
9. No lag

1. Half of the ending is disappointing
2. Weapon collecting is pointless with no armor option
3. Repetitive at times

My final verdict
8/10 it is a good spin off and I recommend it for those who likes a good multiplayer arcade like game and I really am starting to question the reviewers. At first glance i hated it but when I played it I like it!!!! Just like how I was going to hate DMC devil may cry and yet not anymore for actually playing the game!
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