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Institute of Mew by Argoniandrake27 Institute of Mew by Argoniandrake27
The official logo of the Institute of Mew and there catch phrase "Pokemon Redefined"

Origin story
Long ago after Human extinction, a small group of Mewtwo banded together in an old rumble of the Japanese wasteland hoping to form a community but two main problems had arisen 1. Since they usually like to loners and are aggressive they aren't required used to team work 2. There division of opinion made the. Easy targets for Pokemon raider gangs. One Male Mewtwo calling himself Morpheus decided to read old human books located in the US embassy where he learned of a scientific sanctuary in the US city of Boston inspiring him to take charge. To earn leadership a group of raiders attempted to once again harm the group. Morpheus decided to make a stand selecting Mewtwos who knows how to use their abilities. Lead by Morpheus, the Mewtwo militia drove off the raiders resulting survivors to name Morpheus their leader. Morpheus lead an exodus of his fellow Mewtwos across the pacific with Hawaii as their first stop to rest them finally reached California where they had suffered from the harassments from team Steel.

With each clash of gangs Morpheus's group would loss omen of their own causing survivors to panic worried of who will die next. As they traveled the Mewtwo group found abandoned labs that had contained baby Mewtwos being created releasing them one by one to fill the losses. As the Mewtwo traveled they started to learn among each other that allowed friendships to form, learning to work as a team, some of them of opposite genders even started to fall in love with each other producing more Mewtwo babies.

At last they made it to the old sanctuary once called CTI institute discovering the underground utopia so they could settle but Morpheus died a day later of old age leaving his eldest son Lucas to take charge to complete his father's wish to make a safe haven for their people away from mutants, radiation poisoning, and psycho Pokemon who would harm them.

Once the community is made, Lucas becomes the first director or leader, the militia become coursers, and others just become normal citizens and scientists with experiments leading to PokeSynths which will be a story another time
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